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Checkout some of our most powerful client stories below!

Marie's Story

Hello, my name Marie and I am mother of two boys... one 3-year-old and another one
that is 10 months old.  The first I used the program it helped me a lot because I was
living in shelters and I was 9 months pregnant. My cousin told me about the program.
I signed up for it, met wonderful people who helped me get everything I needed for
my baby and more. I am so grateful to your center giving me the helping hands when
I needed it for me and my baby.

Then when I got pregnant with my second baby, they also helped me with him. I was
able to get the rest of the stuff I was missing for him at the center. They also gave him
his first Christmas present. I am truly grateful for everything this program did for me
and my family. You helped me pay my rent and electricity when I could not. Because
of this program I did not give in to depression after I had my second son. These two
boys keep me on my toes;

TM's Story

BCPC was a safe harbor during the most precious and challenging time of my life. I am
forever grateful to the emotional and preparatory support I found. My beautiful boy will
be 5 this year, he is already a helper and a little achiever. Thanks to BCPC, several
children like him have received a world of love when already in the womb.

Thank you BCPC for all you do!!!

Myra's Story

Myra visited BCPC in January of this year. She was nervous due to previous pregnancy complications. Her pregnancy test at the center appeared positive. Being without health insurance was a major concern. She spoke to a BCPC counselor about the matter and was sent for a free ultrasound.

When she was ten weeks pregnant, the doctor informed her that her baby had a one to three percent chance of survival. When she received this news, Myra indicated feeling hopeless and crying constantly. She was also informed by her doctor that she would have a high-risk pregnancy which would put herself and the baby in danger. An ultrasound appointment would reveal that her baby had soft marks and liquid in the back of the head, abnormalities in the stomach and in the heart. The physician informed her that this could be a result of Turner's syndrome* ("TS"), a rare genetic disease which is a chromosomal disorder that affects females. When Myra learned that the sex of her baby was a female, that caused her further anxiety. Myra recalls feeling devastated. She returned to the center seeking counseling support in her grief.

At yet another ultrasound, the technician indicated that the abnormalities appeared to have fixed themselves. A few pictures of the fetus were taken and a circle in the heart was found which could have been a cyst, according to the doctor.

Myra was then sent for genetic testing and the physician noted that the results indicated that the fetus had a low percentage of having a genetic disorder. At the next ultrasound appointment, the doctor saw a visible cyst and it was thought that the right atrium of the heart may have not developed. At her second fetal echo, the doctor expressed that all appeared well with the baby's heart.

Myra underwent a roller coaster of emotions and issues throughout her pregnancy,
which at times, left her feeling hopeless. Through it all, BCPC was there for her,
providing resources as well as emotional support.

After 31 hours in labor via an unplanned c-section, baby Elisa was born on August 30th at 9:47am measuring 7lbs 14oz. Myra and Elisa are doing well, and the family is adjusting to life as new parents. Mother and father are happy with their newborn who originally had a one to three percent chance of survival, according to doctors. Myra chose to believe God for this pregnancy and the life of her daughter.
Myra faced many challenges during her pregnancy (insurance needs, various diagnosis scares, feelings of anxiety and hopelessness, and health concerns).

She shares that she is grateful for all of the support she received and continues to
receive from BCPC (weekly counseling and visits with her mentor, meal drop off, online classes, material resources and referral support, including Bible study referral and prayers, and initial ultrasound services). “I could not have made it through the ups and downs of this pregnancy without the help and support that I received from BCPC".

Lindsay's Story

I became pregnant at 17, while a junior in High School. My boyfriend (now my husband)
and I came to the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices for help and support. BCPC
staff gave love and support. The staff met us with smiling faces, non-judgmental
attitudes and an overwhelming amount of love and support. They had a listening ear,
many wise words of encouragement and genuine care. They were extremely respectful
and professional. It was very comforting to know that we had the support from such a
great organization. Our daughter Aubrey is now 8 years old, has two younger sisters
and is a great reflection of God's love.

Debbie's Story

When Debbie came into the Boston Center for Pregnancy Choices as a single woman
in an unplanned pregnancy, she felt scared and alone. She had recently lost her
mother and was still grieving that loss. Our center helped to provide Debbie with
emotional support and material resources at a time when she desperately needed it
most.  She felt that in some way, her mother was looking down from heaven and guiding


Debbie received counseling, was provided with a baby shower, and even
connected with a volunteer who helped her practice for an upcoming interview that she
was nervous about.  She was also paired with a mentor who attended doctors’
appointments with her and provided additional emotional support.  Strengthened by all
these encouragements, Debbie was able to give birth to her son James.  


Debbie states:
"James is thriving, happy, strong and growing.  I thank God every day because he is
healthy, and I love him.  I smile when I think about him and who he will grow up to be! 
My counselor said that I have a resiliency and strength within me.  Life can be
challenging, yet I do desire to pass these qualities on to my son as well.”  Debbie is very
grateful to the Center and her counselors.  The continued counseling support, phone
calls, prayers and resources helped her immensely.  Debbie says, “I still miss my mom,
yet I know that having a place like BCPC to come to where there is genuine warmth and
care has greatly helped me.”  


She asks for continued prayers for her and her son. 

Debbie stated, “May God bless you and everyone who supports this place that’s
been a haven for mothers like me.”

Valentina's Story

A Christian friend that I met in Colorado referred mentioned BCPC. I saw him some time
later witnessing around my college in Boston and we spoke. When I shared that I was
pregnant he said that I could find Christian counseling and support to help me with my
pregnancy. When I arrived at BCPC for my first visit, I apologized to the counselor as it
took me a bit longer to arrive. I had taken public transportation, so my commute was
over an hour. I was walking much slower, I was eight months pregnant, carrying much
more weight and my feet were swollen. As I sat down, I let the counselor know that I
really wished I had a car as it would not have taken as long to arrive. The counselor
inquired, "Are you truly in need of a vehicle to get around?" I responded that a vehicle
would really help.

Little did I know that week Pastor Todd Cravens and his daughter Mikayla, whom I had
never met, had reached out to the center and informed the counselor that they had a
used automobile. They wished to donate this vehicle to a pregnant woman in need.
Mikayla had her heart set on donating the car to the ministry and her father was also
delighted and agreed.

I found out that the staff at BCPC were praying for the Lord to send a pregnant mother
who would cherish the vehicle. I began weeping when I found out that BCPC had a car
for me. I felt so loved by the Lord.

I also knew that I would need a car seat for my son as well. The counselor reached out
to another donor who graciously purchased a well-built and reliable new car seat to
keep my son safe. Once again, I understood God was hearing me and seeing my
needs. He never ceases to amaze me with his goodness.

I can't say I've always done things God's way. This past year I have faced a number of
challenges. Yet, I have sensed God's love through the center. They provided me with
counseling support, prayer, material gifts and resources. The Lord knew not only my
need to be able to transport my baby around as a single mother, but to also sense his
care for me. I am grateful to donors and people like you who take the time to remember
and help pregnant first-time mothers like me.

Mary's Story

When I came to the center, I felt lost. A woman whom I had met, told me about BCPC. I
was single, had no family, and needed prenatal care. I was really low because of all that
I had gone through. Mary needed help and support. I couldn't believe how loving and

kind everyone was when I first visited the center. Your center offered me a number of
referrals that really helped to change my outlook on life. I received so many baby
shower gifts which was unexpected. I didn't have anything for my baby. The women
were also so loving.

I actually feel happy again now that I know my baby is healthy and going to be okay. I
also have an OBGYN doctor that I am seeing regularly. I wasn't sure before but somehow
I just know things are going to work out. I feel happy again.

Thank you for all of the help you have given me and my baby!

Tina's Story

Hello, my name is Tina. I came to the Center because I had an unplanned pregnancy
with my boyfriend. Both of us were scared of the pregnancy and were uncertain about
our life plans. We searched for pregnancy information online and BCPC popped out.
The hardships that we were facing were our life plans with a baby. We were not ready
for parenting and we also had financial hardship.

What I found helpful about the Center was the welcoming staff! Rebecca is a great
listener, being patient and warm-hearted. They are also knowledgeable, guiding me
through the initial panic stage when I found myself pregnant. If I could speak to a donor,
I would say that I recommend BCPC to girls who are panicked, scared, confused, or
have other mixed emotions when they discover that they are unexpectedly pregnant.
BCPC not only comforts them at the beginning, but throughout the whole pregnancy. I
feel so courageous to have made my pregnancy decision to keep my baby and I am so
glad BCPC staff was there holding my hand.

Alexia's Stroy

My name is Alexia. I found out about BCPC because my pastor's wife Leona
recommended this Center to me for support. At first, I didn't know if I wanted to keep the
pregnancy; I was having some issues with my partner. It was a difficult process but
being able to talk to someone regularly at the Center was really helpful for me
throughout this time. One of the biggest supports was having a solution or a comforting
word after every session at BCPC.

Sarah's Story

A young woman recently called our hotline wanting to get an abortion immediately. After
we shared that we do not provide abortion services, she seemed to want to end the call
in order to call somewhere else. But after a moment, she decided not to end the call,
but instead began to share her story. She was homeless, pregnant, and alone. While
she wanted to have her baby, she felt that she could not because she did not have any
support from anyone and her relationship with the father of her baby had quickly
deteriorated. She felt angry, confused, sad and hurt. As the call continued, she began to
see that she did want to have her baby and the value of the life of her baby. What she
needed was help and support. Once she got to that place, we began the task of finding
her somewhere to live. Within 24 hours, she had a place to live! While her
circumstances are still difficult, what she needed most was to be heard and seen. For
someone to listen, gently challenge and encourage her. We are so grateful that God
aligned the timing of that call at just the right hour.

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