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  • “When I got pregnant I didn’t know what to do. At BCPC, I was able to find support – someone that I could talk to without having them judge me…I realized that I loved the baby growing inside of me so much and that I was my baby’s favorite person in the world. Now I have the most beautiful 5-month-old little girl.”

  • “My experience with BCPC is beyond an amazing one! I’m very grateful to have come in contact with them when I did!”

  • “BCPC was my only support system in a time when I was not expecting to get pregnant.” She has now given birth to a beautiful baby boy."

Image by Bonnie Kittle

  • Another client’s reflection on her interaction with the Center bubbles over with thanks! She expressed that she is very thankful for BCPC's program that helps women in need and provides the support that is needed.

  • “This Center was recommended to me. At first, I did not know if I wanted to keep the pregnancy; I had issues with my partner. It was a difficult process but being able to talk to someone regularly at the Center was really helpful for me throughout this time. One of the biggest supports was having a solution or a comforting word after every session at BCPC.”


  • I wanted to say thank you to express gratitude for everything, from the bottom of our hearts. I cannot begin to put into words that reflect such gratefulness and overwhelming kindness, thoughtfulness & love of which we are forever blessed. And A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this program beautiful, wonderful, and spiritually given!!

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